Project Highlights


A tool that integrates with GPT to write code directly into a Node.js REPL.


A tool for sharing WebHooks between multiple dev environments.


A programming game that lets you write code to land simulated rockets.

Food Science API

A Serverless CMS for recipes that uses markdown files and Git as a data store.

AWS Toolchain

A CLI to simplify performing various administrative tasks for serverless infrastructure in AWS.

Koa If/Else

An npm package that provides Koa middleware that implement if/else logic.

Notify on Exit

A CLI that can monitor long running processes and notify you via SMS when they exit.

Gulp Inline Images

A gulp plugin that improves page speed by automatically inlining image contents.

Crumbl Cookie Notifier

A Serverless app that sends SMS alerts when Crumbl releases new flavors.

Env Magic

A simple library for managing environment variables in Node.js applications.